Some of the posts that are been put by coders / programmers online tells the plight of workers in Information Technology Industry. One would allow an artist to rest, one is okay with them taking long holidays because they have a high cognitive load.

For some reasons, many code houses treat programmers as workers, asking them ‘how many hours did they work?’, limiting holidays, asking them why they took an holiday.

This we think is because of the fact that we programmers have submitted to the management people. Management studies started in the USA, where the industries were booming, there was lot of need to supply the post World War II world, and lot of people have returned from fighting. They was plenty of labor and they need to be managed like cattle and not artists, the most have to be milked out of them to make maximum profit. That’s what the so called “big schools” trained the MBA’s for, and we after seeing how the modern I.T industries are run, are convinced that the syllabus stays put till today.

Managers look to see upon knowledge business like a cow farmer looks to see his cattle. That’s it. We at DataMaking encourage you the coder’s community to think, think if you are a cattle or an artist.

We at DataMaking are proud that we let people say that they don’t feel like working. (In fact we should not feel proud, just doing our stuff right and feeling proud means others around you are terribly wrong!) That’s perfectly okay here, and that’s how it should be in any company that has code artists, definitely not in companies that have code cattle.

Our mission is to try to make our coders and clients life happier, not to slaughter one for the benefit of the other and petty profits.