DataMaking is primarily located in India. India is known to produce cheap software because its workforce works for very less cost, but companies like DataMaking charges a lot, one may wonder why? Here is why, we tell you.

70:30 ratio

Almost every software engineering book says that cost of producing software is 30% of the total cost, and cost of maintaining it is 70% (this applies to just human effort alone). That means even if a software development entity say’s that it would take $30,000 to write software and give it to you, you might need to spend at the least 70% ($70,000) in the future to maintain it. These costs are hidden by many companies, but DataMaking exposes it to you.

As software industries best practices improved, we have adopted it and we could say that cost of maintaining DataMaking’s software would be less than 10%, that is where other software houses charge $30,000, we would charge $90,000, and in the long run this we claim would be more economical. Keep reading to know how.

Trained professionals

When it comes to write professional code, DataMaking employs professionals who are very experienced, all code passes through experienced eyes before it’s been showed to customers. We are proud to say that we face very less bugs once our code is out.

Our team knows what they do and they never let go of their vigil. Such is our process.

Continuous Training

Apart from this, if the client wishes, even after the software is delivered, DataMaking trains their newbies on clients code, thus making the code maintainable and future proof.

Elegant & maintainable code

A software, and its code is an object, we strongly believe code inside a software should be as good as a the software itself, should feel intuitive. We make it easy to read so that people who look at the software even years from now can change it and add features. @ DataMaking we can give that guarantee.

Software Architects & Code Audits

DataMaking does not contain just a bunch of programmers, but we have people who are strong in Software Architecture. If the client wishes they would conduct audit of software regularly. Computing industry is not static, every thing from hardware, the code development tools and programming language changes. Our architects keep track of it and recommend necessary changes to keep it healthy.

Stick to guidelines

Every programming language has a coding guidelines and best practices, DataMaking follows them all. This ensures that even if the software developed by DataMaking is opened up by other companies, they would understand it crystal clear.

Test driven development

Imagine a client need quick fix, a coder does it, it seems to work, when the software is deployed some unknown feature breaks. These types of mishaps can be evaded using a technique called test driven development, here rather than humans testing a piece of functionality, we employ automated code to test, the moment when some one makes changes these automated tests runs and ensures all is well, else they scream out so that code deployment stops and problem area is pin pointed.

Thus software developed in DataMaking almost ensures that your code never breaks.

Lasts Long

We stick to Free Software, unlike proprietary software that’s been created by Goliaths like Microsoft, Apple, free software is more stable, used and maintained by thousands of people. We have spent years in mastering these techniques and chosen stable software and delivered our clients products on top of it so that it would last long.

More productivity

Some of the things we do at DataMaking like testing software, DevOps (or the science of code deployment) is automated. DataMaking has got the highest coder to tester, and coder to DevOps ratio on this planet. This means more people will work on your software features and business issues rather than mundane testing or operations. This means you get better quality software with more features that works right.

DataMaking guarantee

Finally there is this guarantee by DataMaking, what we write we stand by it. Even if there is any issue with our code base in the future, we will fix if it is our mistake. We have also got the ability to deep dive into technical issues and identify exactly what went wrong.

Be our guest

We @ DataMaking are extremely vigilant about speaking the truth upfront, not luring in customers like a venus fly trap lures in a fly. This has made our customers have a predictable software development experience and post software development bliss. Be our guest, talk to us if you wish so.