Napoleon was good at one thing, that is raising army. War after war he had his army supplied with men, material and food. DataMaking is primarily a Data Science company and the world needs a lot of them, and we are in the quest to help the world out.

It’s one thing to be skilled and code, it’s another thing to do politics and survive, and it’s another thing to train people and bring them up to your level. We at DataMaking are good in first and third.

DataMaking started as a training adventure, we wanted to create a training center in Chennai and train people on emerging stuff, but then Covid set it and we had to find work else where, but slowly we trained people online. We charged people Rs 50/- an hour for training, we perfected our methods and syllabus in training people about Data Science and Data Engineering, and now we charge about Rs 500+/- an hour, and we are accelerating to produce more people.

We are supplying few companies we know with people who are good in Data Science, but now we are reaching a point we are talking with companies to get projects form them not with our elite team as we did till now, but for our interns. It’s a bold move, but we are confident that many Indian companies would benefit from low labor cost of interns, at the same time interns will get Industrial Experience.

Our training comes in two ways. First is a low cost way where a person joins as intern, toils and learns by himself. The second is, one pays for our training program and becomes an intern with some understanding of Data Science. Looking at the data looks like people who get trained from us have more success with us than people who try out by themselves.

One thing is clear, like Napoleon needed banks of armies, the kind of project enquiries we are getting now, it looks like we need banks of Data Scientists, and we are in the process of creating more and more of them. Thanks to our years of training experience.