Data Engineering is one of the activities we do @ DataMaking. We do not hunt for highly talented people unless the project demands it. We got a Hadoop project in which the client gave us time, so we could hire people who know Python and get them started with Big Data.

So after hiring, we suggested Hadoop the Definitive Guide to our interns.

They did start reading it, but this book though might be good, seems to be really verbose and in detail. This could be read by some one who wants to deep dive into Hadoop, to claim in his resume that he is an expert, but we wanted something fast.

Fortunately we did find a light weight book, it was called Hadoop with Python

This book though not popular, was crisp, concise, did not deal with clunky old Java, and got our people started with Hadoop in an instant.

The moral of the story could be: Explore, you may get something better than the famous.