We @ DataMaking firmly believe that any company should hire passionate people who are aligned with the companies dreams. It’s because people who have passion, want to achieve something for the sake of betterment of human race. Business is about money, but its more about how you make your money by satisfying your passion.

Any business that’s formed by bunch of people who make money by satisfying their passion becomes successful, at the same time businesses should be aware that passions don’t last.

Information technology (IT) industry hunts for the brightest minds, and it’s these minds that are very flexible and can rewire itself often, so passion for that mind could be aligned with yours at one time and might change at times when conditions are not favorable. So any human resource (HR) person in a company should be aware of that. A good company is also the one that lets go of their employees in a a happy way when the employee indicates (s)he or would like to leave.

What we like to stress are the following:

  • Hire passionate people so that it becomes easier to achieve common goals.
  • Look for passion than qualification when hiring.
  • Remember passions change.
  • Let go of people well and smiling if passions change.