There was a post in Linkedin which we saw, that post asked a questions, the question was: “Is gap in resume acceptable?”. Some in DataMaking gasped in aghast seeing it. We are humans, we are not machines to work continuously. A human needs a break.

This questions also needs a rethink of the I.T industry. Are we treating people like humans or machines? In fact we call humans in I.T industry as resource. Usually resource is something that can be used up. A human is not something that can be used up, a human is a human who has to be empowered.

We in DataMaking believe that we empower our employees. Whether our belief is fact or a blind faith would be revealed by time.

If a company insists that you should not have a gap in your resume, we bet that that company is worth not to exist, and if it does we think life of most of its employees (except the creamy layer) to be miserable.

@ DataMaking we don’t even look at your resume. Some of the people who work here have simply WhatsApped or Telegrammed us, and we found they are okay after a call or programming exercise and have inducted them in.

Some have openly said: ‘we know nothing after our formal education, please take us in…’, and we have taken them in and are training them for exchange of work. We believe that’s how companies should be. A company must empower human, not use them up as resource for the profit of few.

So why some companies ask for and scrutinize resume? It’s simple, you would have thought of getting a salary, by making you giving them a written statement, they can scrutinize it, make you feel bad for taking breaks and other stuff, and can force you to reduce your asking salary because you are just being a human.

This is a new form of slavery. To succumb to it or not is your choice. Resumes are just a formality, you can recruit people without it if your company concentrates just on I.T and not on shaming people.