@ DataMaking we are constantly striving to reduce our employees and clients suffering, we are in a quest to find an ultimate programming language / solution. We first started out as Java and C# company, now we primarily use Python, Ruby and PHP for our back end tasks and Javascript for our front end computations.

No matter what ever language we use, we do run into problems when the programs goes complex. We employ design patterns, but with OOPS entangling is almost unavoidable and implementing something new takes lot of time.

We gave up, thinking this is how programming would be till we saw Clojure and learned how they too found themselves in the same situation and invented this language.

So we are starting off with Clojure. One might catch our Clojure videos in our YouTube channel in near future. Our design team has come up with some Clojure artwork which you can download here.

So let’s see what the future holds!