doneit is our project management app, in this we ask our employees to fill in what they have done every day. That's it. This we found immensely increases productivity compared to Agile, Kanban and whatever.

It's one of very successful DataMaking's product.

B2C Shop location estimate

Due DataMaking's immense data gathering and processing infrastructure, we are able to predict things without asking people to fill in survey forms. If one needs to start a serious business that sells goods to customers, one needs to know where to put up shops.

We @ DataMaking used our automated bots to scan the internet, to search for that customers business potential, we (i.e our automated algorithms) checked one location to another and predicted where the customers shop should to be located.

We are very happy now that the shop is generating good business and we are gathering that business data to predict where to put the next shop and how much business would be there in the new one.

We also thank our customer who was very cooperative and patient thus making this project an immense success.

Data Analysis for Hotels

Hotels need to who which dish get's sold with what (Combinatorial Product Analysis). And on which days sale is good and which day its not good. What dish can be combined with what to boost sales, what when combined with what can be seen as great value by client.

Hotels also needs to know what people say about it publicly, which brach fares better than which ones and why. We people @ DataMaking, being foodie people have felt really comfortable working with hotel chains to provide such analysis and provide suggestions on how to strategize products and businesses, and it had turned out well.

If you are hotel person, we are here to help you.

Home Automation Solutions

We @ DataMaking are automation junkies. We automated our homes with our Raspberry Pi solutions, and we have teamed up with home automation providers to cater to very custom home automation. We have years of experience in embedded systems, and you could depend on us for your embedded software needs.

Worker Safety Belt

One of our client a construction pioneer needed to have track of his or her worker safety and productivity. The workers were provided with IoT enabled tool belt which monitored their movement. We used machine learning to predict if the worker was okay, or he or she might be in unsafe conditions, needs a medical help etc.

This also made the company integrate weather data and schedule work bit different each day so that optimum productivity could be achieved.


We @ DataMaking had to develop a Jamstack blog for our client. Since it's jam stack and the client required URL shortening, we developed Cliz and we made it free and open source software.

It's written in Ruby, and avoid our client purchasing a license from any other URL shortening service. Perhaps Cliz is the first and only Jamstack URL shortener available till today.

GNU Ghost

DataMaking is committed to Free Software Movement. We would like to support it in any way possible. Today we have code autocompletion assistant like Tab Nine, Codex and Github Co-Pilot which operate close source model, we want to challenge them.

We want to build an free software autocompletion tool and we have named it GNU Ghost. Though we haven't been successful in getting volunteers for this project we are still hopeful as our ambition s perfectly right.