DataMaking @ YouTube

The founder of DataMaking, Mr. Pari is a passionate teacher. He first found it as a YouTube channel creating Data Engineering video's. As the channel grew and made economic sense, Karthikeyan joined in. slowly DataMaking evolved from bunch of YouTube video's to a company offering many services.

We still produce videos, visit our channel to know what we are doing.

I Love Ruby

Almost every one in DataMaking is a web engineer, and Ruby on Rails runs in our veins. Karthikeyan has evangelized this technology in India even before many knew that Ruby exists as a programming language, and at a time when many Indian companies wrote off Ruby as a toy language.

Identifying the technology which will be come great tomorrow is one of DataMaking expertise and today after a decade since this book I Love ruby was published., Ruby on Rails seems to be used by almost every startup.

We would like you to read our book which is Libre and Gratis here.

How To Become A Data Scientist

Karthikeyan, who is a senior person in DataMaking was co-founder of Trumatics, a Data Science company. Before founding that company he knew neither head or tail about Data Science and at that time almost none knew where to begin, what to study to become Data Scientist. So this book How To Become A Data Scientist tells you exactly what to learn to become a professional Data Scientist in a clear and concise way so that other's won't struggle like him and waste a lot of time.

Introduction To Datascience

Introduction To Datascience is another attempt by Karthikeyan to produce libre and gratis book which when read would teach a person to become a novice Data Scientist. This book concentrates on the modern programming language Julia, as its Karthikeyan's opinion that this language will dominate scientific computing and machine learning landscape in near future.

Software Industry Antipatterns

There are lot of books that tell what a coder should, how he should code, and how he should behave in a software company. We here in DataMaking feel that its because of the management (the conductor of orchestra), a company sound's good or bad.

We have worked under multiple bosses who have floundered, been dishonest with the client s and have joined software industry eyeing money rather than the dream of making humanity better using technology.

We have cataloged of Software Industries Antipatterns in this book. We hope we do not make these very same mistakes here @ DataMaking.