Large Scale Data Gathering

Data is the bread and butter of Data Science. We @ DataMaking have concentrated on perfecting technology to gather vast amounts of data in short span of time, we not only gather data, but we extract useful information and transform it and store it in different formats like JSON, CSV, XML, or indeed in RDBMS and so on.

This data store could be accessed via API by your teams. We don't provide just REST API, but API's in different programming languages like C#, Java, Python, Ruby.. you name it. This makes your programmers query gathered data.

The API we provide are not just to fetch data, you will be able to search, apply statical methods to it thus enabling you to build Data Science analysis and pipelines in a jiffy.

We have invested a lot in keeping scrapping really efficient and keeping the servers cool, so in long term with less servers you will find total cost of ownership to be far less than that of our competitors.