Outsource to India

DataMaking is located in Chennai India, a city that has extremely intelligent human talent and had catered to the world's intellectuals needs for more than 1500 years.

Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence is just another thing our professionals here have mastered. Now we can help you and others to have your own office in Chennai, recruit people, manage them for you.

Auditing and Legal Services

Running an I.T company is not just crowding few bright minds at a spot, one should know how to navigate the Indian bureaucracy. We at DataMaking offer Legal and Auditing services which will enable you to pay the right tax and operate under Indian laws.

Physical Office

It is mandatory, even though its working from home, if you want a business to be established in India, you need to have a physical office and company representative. We can arrange that too for you.

Do business in India, reduce cost, and have a happy life by partnering with DataMaking.