Web & ERP Development

We @ DataMaking are king of web technology. Back in 2007 the founders of DataMaking introduced many companies to web, they enabled them to have their own website and emails. We used PHP extensively then. We still use PHP for small web projects now.

We slowly graduated to create ERP systems which work right inside the browser. We now use Ruby on Rails to build massive data driven websites that get 1000's of hits a second. Though this might look impressive, all we have doing is to stand on the shoulders of giants who have already solved massive scaling.

When it comes to deploying machine learning models, our choice is Flask. Since most of machine learning is done with Python, it neatly integrates with flask. We create predictive systems and data dashboards with Flask.

These day's we use Jamstack to compete with our PHP websites. We mainly use Jekyll, we are experimenting with Hugo and Middleman. Websites that are blogs and need just to display static informations could use jamstack rather than complicating procedure.