Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

About Course

  • Strictly 1 to 1, that is one tutor for one student.
  • The course is 100% hands on, students will learn along with the instructor coding on the fly.
  • Students are supposed to have a laptop with Linux, MAc on Windows on it.
  • Not a fixed syllabus, it will be tuned to each and every student's need.
  • Payment for each module should be paid in advance before the start of it.
  • Each module will have a completion certificate.
  • Internship will be provided @ DataMaking if student is interested
  • Course has no fixed times, the tutor and student should decide on convenient times.

Module 1 - Python

Classes: 15 hrs
Cost: Rs 10,000/-

Python has become the language to go for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. This module teaches the basics of it. Some of the topics covered in this module are:

  • Getting the environment set up for Data Science
  • Using text editor for coding
  • Using Jupyter notebook
  • Strings and numbers in python
  • Logic and loops
  • Data Structures
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Sets
  • Functions
  • File and I/O
  • Classes and Object oriented programming

Suggested book: Python Crash Course

Module 2 - Python for Data Science

Classes: 15 hrs
Cost: Rs 10,000/-

With Module one covered, students should have a firm grasp over python. In this module, one would learn about Python libraries used for Data Science namely Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and so on.

Students will learn how to get data from discrete data sources, combine it, clean it, analyze it using statistical methods, and visualize it. Students will learn what Vector & Matrices are and will have an introduction on how they can be used to do mathematics for Data Science and analysis.

In this module students will learn about Web Scraping as well, they will learn to use Python libraries like bs4, and will learn to extract Data.

Suggested book: Python for Data Analysis

Module 3 - Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

Classes: 15 hrs
Cost: Rs 10,000/-

In the last module, students would have learned about how to get data, and how to clean it and visualize it. In this module, one would learn about how to understand Data, what is Feature Engineering, what are the types of learning that are available, and how to select a learning algorithm.

Students will not only learn what algorithm to select, but they will also know how these algorithms will work under the hood, and why they have selected one learning algorithm over the other. They will also be taught about the art of questioning and learning about data.

The topics covered in this section are:

  • Linear and Logistic regression
  • Regression and Classification
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • K - Nearest Neighbour
  • K - Means clustering
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Decision Trees and Random Forests
  • Basics of Natural Language Processing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Similarity Analysis
  • Gradient Descent
  • Algorithm performance measurement & algorithm selection

Suggested book: Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow

Module 4 - Neural Networks with PyTorch

Classes: 15 hrs
Cost: Rs 10,000/-

If the amount of data is relatively small and if it's easy to feature engineer, one could use Scikit-Learn and get away. But when the data quantity is huge and one feels it is a difficult task to feature engineer, then we need to seek the help of Neural Networks.

In this module students will learn how our human brains works, what a neuron is, what is a perceptron, what are weights, activation, what is deep learning and so on.

Students will learn about Convolution Neural Network and Recurrent Neural Networ. They will be made to build a perceptron and simple neural networks from scratch. And learn how back propagation works.

Then this module proceeds to teach students about PyTorch and how they could quickly build deep learning models and test it out learning on their data.

Suggested Book: Deep Learning with PyTorch

Internship (Optional)

Cost: Free

Mostly learning DataMaking’s DS & AI course will ensure an increase in salary, or a initial job placement with handsome income. But we do highly encourage the pupil to do a free internship with us so that one’s skill could be sharpened and one will be a top notch professional when they face job interviews.

Doing an internship will also give people exposure to professional working environments, and would prepare one to be placed in companies in a comfortable position.